BACKSTAGE| Interview with Toni & Guy's Pinar Necati backstage at Heohwan Simulation

Hair is youthful with a hint of sophistication backstage at former Merit Award winner Heohwan Simulation’s show. Structured pieces are steamed and prepped in the centre of a bustling backstage area whilst models are made-up by The Body Shop and hair by TONI&GUY. Fashion Scout spoke to head hair stylist Pinar Necati about the looks for the show.

What looks are you creating today for the show?
We’re creating two looks; we’re creating one that’s down that’s very natural. Overall they have the same feeling, very natural looking, very clean looking, very floaty, but have a sense of a grown up sophisticated woman. So we’ve got one that’s down and one that’s in a loose ponytail. It’s just really all manipulated with the hands so we’re keeping the styling really minimal so it’s not too stylized but it’s effortless style.

Are there any key trends you’re starting to see?
This is one of the shows that is bang on trend from the hair point of view as well as with the collection. The collection’s amazing, it’s all quite strong. Hair at the moment is very natural looking but it’s not straight either. It’s all about working with your natural texture, not enhancing it but keeping it really natural.

What products are you using today to create this natural texture?
Key products really are going to be different depending on natural hair texture. If your hair is a little bit thinner you’re going to use something lighter that you can build up. The key with product is to use it on hair that is almost dry and you’ll get maximum texture out of it. So I’ve used the Label M product called Blow Out Spray and dried that in to keep it natural looking, then using the Label M Soufflé to keep it creamy and floaty. 

Text by Vanessa Omoregie (@wewearblack)
Images by Lauren Marsh (@LaurenAlicia24) and Tram Nguyen (@tramnguyenp)