Backstage at Ji Cheng was dazzling with mythical inspirations. Fashion Scout spoke to head make-up artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis about creating the look. "The designer told us a story about a mermaid, a Koi fish that could only become a human at night. It is a sad fairytale about a woman who can cannot be with her love."

To reflect the narrative behind the collection the Body Shop make-up team created a sea-creature inspired look. "The lips are rouge and the eyes are brushed off with white to create a mask-like effect." LAN's essential Body Shop products were Sugar glaze white eye-shadow, baked-to-last bronzer and mineral foundation to create a "textured finish".

In contrast, hair remained minimalistic with a clean, wet look. All hair was swept back from the face and brought down to the nape of the neck. The only detail ran down the back in a 'rope braid'. To create the look Toni&Guy stylists used leave-in conditioner and no accessories to create a flawless finish.

Words by Darcie Thompson-Fields (@DarceTF)
Pictures by Siobhan Kerrigan (@SiobhanKerrigan) and Lauren Marsh (@laurenalicia24)