BACKSTAGE| Merit Award: Yifang Wan FEB'13

Backstage at our much anticipated Merit Award Winner, Yifang Wan, the teams at Toni & Guy and The Body Shop were hard at work to create a beautiful look for the show.  

Summarised as "all about the skin", makeup was completely neutral; emphasising a youthful, dewy complexion.  The absence of colour on the eyes and the lips not only enhanced the look's simplicity, but also drew the gaze to highlighted cheekbones and the angle of the jawline.       

Hair was much in the same vein; natural, tousled waves cascading down the back from a side-parting, and then gathered in a loosely-fastened ponytail.  

Words by Abigail Gurney-Read (@AbbyGurneyRead)
Pictures by Kriss Elliott (@kriselliott)