BACKSTAGE| Runway Collective FEB'13

As Runway Collective, made up of designers Nihan Buruk and Jale Hurdogan, prepares to take centre stage, it’s a sense of the quiet before the storm as two bold designers bring their brands NIAN and Janucha to Fashion Scout’s international showcase.

In the early stages, steamers prepare delicate lace and NIAN’s avant-garde creations hang from racks. Rows of clothes stand beside a variety of international talent. The Janucha line mixes evening and daywear where contrast works to create interesting tension in the designer’s collection.

A collective created by Nesley Su Nazari launches at Fashion Scout today as a representation of the international creativity we have on show. Smokey eyes and rich brown lips by the make-up team at The Body Shop give the models a striking and youthful look teamed with Toni &Guy’s slick hair that resemble that of a modern femme fatale.

Words by Vanessa Omoregie (@wewearblack)
Images by Jean-Luc Brouard