COLLECTION| Belle Sauvage FEB'13

Eastern tradition meets Western opulence in Belle Sauvage’s showcase with the two juxtaposed to produce something wholly modern. With a philosophy that states every Belle Sauvage piece is a statement piece, designers Virginia Ferreira and Chris Neuman offset luxury prints with contemporary shapes in a way that keeps the room on their toes. Founded in 2008 by the London and Luxemboug based design duo, the Belle Sauvage aesthetic is strong and makes an entrance each season.

Lights go up to reveal a girl cult of urban sultry models decked in fluid patterns that are sharply counteracted with geometric hair, playing homage to London & Japanese street style. Strong with a cheeky strike, the new collection calls inspiration from Gothic and Baroque styles as well as the Renaissance era remaining chic throughout. Leather trims, heavy crepes, taffeta and woven jacquards create a richness in the looks that resonates throughout the whole collection.

High end design and street wear come together in a creative balance where beanie hats are paired with leather look sky high boots and fur collars that make the Belle Sauvage girl a force to be reckoned with. With a colour palette that ranges from deep reds, purples and magenta the pop art playfulness of the collection comes to a slick finish with accents of silver, gold, and white.

Text by Vanessa Omoregie (@wewearblack)
Images by Bex Day (@RebeccaDay)