COLLECTION| Bernard Chandran FEB'13

Classic femininity takes on a sinister look with block colouring and panelling that exaggerate the female body in a way that is subtle yet beautifully harsh. Bernard Chandran’s Feb ‘13 showcase was a delight of varied fabrics and elaborate attention to detail. The label which launched in 1993 has become synonymous with luxury and creativity drawing a crowd each season. He presents his new collection at Fashion Scout to a full room all eager to see his latest creations.

A collection that spans through ideals of femininity and androgyny the designer creates looks that incorporate high necklines with cinched waists that pull together concepts of extreme girlishness with innovative contouring. An exquisite attention to detail is applied throughout the entire collection where embroidered gems are balanced strategically with geometric shapes.

Classic brights and primary colours of blue and yellow introduce the collection which is accented with black on black that add edge to the pieces. The collection plays with key trends of metallics and asymmetry seen so far this season.

Graduating from The Paris American Academy as well as the L’Union Des Chambres, Bernard Chandran’s international creativity is evident in each piece he creates.

Text by Vanessa Omoregie (@wewearblack)
Images by Kris Elliott (@KrisElliott)