COLLECTION| Ekaterina Kukhareva FEB'13

Autumn/ Winter Ekaterina Kukhareva transported spectators to a world of high octane, retro 'Hallucinogenic Housewife’ glamour; inspired by the lives of coffee-morning girls, bored of straight-up caffeine and their 'tennis coach' dreams. Kukhareva shunned convention, replacing cookie-cutter "Moms" with Martini-fuelled fantasy-driven noons, and canapés served on Byzantine and Ottoman dishes.

The collection's lucid pink, violet and acid green viscose wool pieces showcased Ekaterina's textile-training, as well as the curvature of the female form. The combination of form fitting leotards, plunging necklines and striking lurex-knit floor length dresses created the most desirable saunter and silhouette on the runway.

The 50’s inspiration didn't cease there; headpieces and jewellery created by Lara Jensen came in the shape of extravagant bejeweled hair rollers and vibrant oversized jewel encrusted earrings which perfectly completed the lucid fantasy.

By Brooke McCord (@BrookeMcCord)
Photographs by Max Barnett (@MaxBarnettPhoto)