Today's Fam Irvoll show saw an explosion of colour hit the catwalk this season. Inspired by TLC and the early 90’s, Fam’s Autumn/Winter collection was a showcase of Lichtenstein pop prints, and bombers in fuschia and electric blue.

Accessories were oversized backpacks printed with noughties' era acronyms ‘YOLO’ and ‘LOL’; platform canvas shoes with plastic lips, pompom bobble hats and large hoop earrings. Traditional catwalk etiquette was a no-go for Fam with the energy captured in the collection's colour and print mirrored with bopping models, dancing and even singing their way down the catwalk, with cholo-lined lips and tattooed brows. The concept was a distinctly urban update on the 90s, the lyrical update on TLC with Drake's 'YOLO' proof that Irvoll has planted the past firmly in the present.

Words by Brooke McCord (@BrookeMcCord)
Photographs by Kris Elliott (@KrisElliott)