COLLECTION| Heohwan Simulation FEB'13

In yet another impressive collection from Heohwan Simulation, Korean born, London based designer Hwan Heoh most certainly delivered. Inspired by the fashion scene and social turbulence of France in 1969, the collection was in anything but disarray. Pieces featured fur detailing, rich textures and metallic embellishments in a contemporary presentation of garments that stuck firmly to the artistic, experimental aesthetic he's become known for.

As the music continued, a colour palette of blacks, greys and blues only helped the collection delve further into the designer's take on contrasts. A former One to Watch and Merit Award Winner, the line is currently in its fourth season of The Critique Collection Project, which will comprise to become a part of the designer's planned 20 season Decade Project. A focus on linear panelling, statement zips and unique silhouetting all appeared in the structured and effortlessly stylised catwalk showcase of beautifully architectural womenswear designs.

Words by Josh Walker (@josh_walker_)
Images by Max Barnett (@MaxBarnettPhoto)