COLLECTION| Lug von Siga FEB'13

Lug Von Siga, a Lasalle Academy graduate is renowned for her modern, extravagant tailoring and technical process. In light of this, her AW13 collection was an eclectic amalgamation of architectural structure and impressive design, set to a Hitchcock soundtrack; eerie and intriguing.

The concept manifested itself through a mostly monochromatic palette, accented with berry hues, metallic silvers and gold. The fabrication, robust cotton, soft fur, and baroque embossed leather.
Collars were and high, detached from the body of each garment, with shoes also deconstructed with a detachable strap around the arch of each foot. Accessories were minimal; thin fur hats in favour, and detail could be found in the mirror fragments, belts, fabric buttons on collars, and bejewelled lapels. 

VV Brown commented on the collection from her front row spot “I love the elegance and femininity of the Lug Von Siga brand and how it was combined with American Psycho-esq music to create that air of mystery. I was particularly drawn to the gold metallic structured suit”. VV also expressed her love of the emerging design Fashion Scout showcases on a global scale.

Text by Brooke McCord (@BrookeMcCord)
Images by Daniella Farrow (@DaniFarrow)