COLLECTION| Ones-To-Watch: Yeashin FEB'13

First up in the talented “Ones-To-Watch” line-up was South-Korean designer Yeashin Kim, whose collection is presented in the wake of a number of impressive accolades, including “Most Creative Student” at the WGSN Global Fashion Awards.

Continuing with her inspiration from previous collections, Yeashin’s juxtaposed amalgamation of traditional Korean-dress and 1960s England came to life with an explosive myriad of colour and texture.  Experimenting with different fabric weights, each piece exhibited a range of dimensions; almost creating a new garment with every slight change in angle.  By combining the charisma that was brought to the pieces by the textural and colour variations, with a maturity of cut and attention to detail, Yeashin’s collection was both accessible and sophisticated. 

The partnering accessories worked to enhance this aesthetic; hats that were traditional  in structure and inspiration, were modernised with exaggerated proportions and vivid colours. 

Yeashin’s collection transported the captivated spectators to a place of vibrant positivity; combining this with her evident appreciation of traditional techniques, makes Yeashin undeniably “One-To-Watch”.

Words by Abigail Gurney-Read, @AbbyGurneyRead
Photography by Kris Elliott, @KrisElliott