Tahir Sultan brought together his usual merging of Eastern and Western sensibilities with a collection that drew inspiration from 1940s style and the Thaar Desert. A mix of masculine tailoring and contemporary embellishments provided a modern take on 1940s hunting-wear. Harem pants and trench coats were re-imagined in houndstooth wool, whilst silk tea dresses were form fitting, giving a sensual feel. Prints and embroidery inspired from both Syria and India. The neutral palette, sprinkled with blues and golds evoked a timeless sensibility. The combination of understated glamour and empowering silhouettes created an air of relaxed sophistication.

Tahir talked to Fashion Scout about who he designs for. "I design for the modern day woman, for women who are daring and avant-garde, whose personalities shine when they walk into a room. I give women a platform to express themselves. I am vigilant in my cuts, my designs have to fit and flatter a woman and ultimately empower them."

Words by Darcie Thompson-Fields
Photos by Tram Nguyen