COLLECTION| Ziad Ghanem FEB'13

This evening, Freemasons Hall saw the showcase of the Ziad Ghanem AW13 Collection, which can only be described as a theatrically infused work of art. Synonymous with his ‘Cult Couturier’ tag, Ziad’s collections are renowned for the mergence of modern silhouettes, haute couture craftsmanship and age-old techniques, and this collection was no exception.

Taking inspiration from people who change their appearance to fit in with society, along with the concept of disguise, Ziad celebrates the oeuvre of old couturiers including the iconic Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior. The pieces in the collection are vibrant, bold and extravagant, with an exotic palette of colours used to form abstract prints; demonstrated through the designs of form fitting dresses, tailored suits, draped scarves and eccentric ball gowns.

The models wore fantastical full-face paint and extravagant headpieces, with accessories in the form of burlesque inspired feather fans, contributing to the avant-garde aesthetic of the show. Ziad’s international inspiration was distinctly noticeable and his personal creative energy was resonated throughout the performance.

Text by Brooke McCord (@BrookeMcCord)
Images by Siobhan Kerrigan (@SiobhanKerrigan)