EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW| Lan Nguyen-Grealis, Head Make-Up Artist at The Body Shop Speaks Exclusively to Fashion Scout

Lan Nguyen-Grealis has headed up the backstage Body Shop team for season upon season at Fashion Scout, producing some of the most innovative and talked-about looks at London Fashion Week. We caught up with her to talk about the looks for Merit Award Winner Yifang Wan, what special Body Shop products to look out for, and why she just can't get enough of Fashion Scout...

Tell us about the journey you and Yifang went through to achieve the final look for this season.
Yifang was very specific that it had to be relaxed, clean with a slight awkwardness look to complement her garments and the feel of  ‘Asceticism’ . Marina Abramovic was a heavy reference. Her other influences were religious, which I interpreted that her catwalk model was based on testing their limits to become pure. There is a contrast in her look that the garments are fluid and soft combined with painful looking accessories. So we decided to keep it fresh but strong with shadowing and contouring. No colours as such as her garments are so rich in colour.  Instead we concentrated on the natural beauty of the model and try to project character and inner beauty.

What key products have you used to create this look?
I have used The Body Shop hydrating Skin Primer – Moisture It and Extra Virgin Mineral Foundation for a clean but natural skin effect and the Brow & Lash Gel to mess the brows up.  For contouring we have used bronzers in medium and dark colours to create a strong natural shade. Lips are blanked out with foundation and tipped with a dash of Radiant Highlighter, which was also added to the cheekbones for high definition.

You have been Head Make-Up artist for Fashion Scout Merit Award Winners for season upon season. What have you enjoyed most about your time backstage at LFW?
I have enjoyed all my time backstage working with the designers and seeing how they grow from season to season. I get so much inspiration here that is so invaluable.  Coming up with new ideas and concepts has to be the best feeling ever!

What should every The Body Shop lover be looking out for on the catwalk this season, and how can they achieve the looks at home?
On the catwalk look out for great polished skin achieved by great preparation and highlighting benefits. The use of the new Colour Crush Eye Shadows and Colour Crush Lipsticks (out in September 2013) that are so pure in pigment and really beautiful for multipurpose all over, on lid, lips and cheeks.  I really think they will surprise people with their lovely natural tones mixed with really bright ones. There is something for everyone and very easy to create at home.

It may not feel like it but Spring is fast approaching. What key items should ladies have in their make-up bag for April?
The key items should be the Vitamin E Face Mist that you can keep spraying to keep your skin moisturised and fresh. The Lip and Cheek Stain for colour and stain on lips and cheeks. Also the Shimmer Waves are great for touching up for day and night for eyes, and a highlighting as a bronzer. 

The Body Shop are celebrating their 21-years of Body Butter this year… What Body Butter will you be celebrating with?
Backstage this season we love Mango for scent and Coconut Shimmer for perfect illuminated skin. 

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