EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW| Ones to Watch Designer Yulia Kondranina

Ones to Watch winner Yulia Kondranina graduated from Central Saint Martins prestigious MA course and has since gone on capturing interest and featured online in Dazed Digital. Her handcrafted intricate pieces hold concepts that are dark yet romantic with a focus on interwoven textures. Yulia will showcase her unique hand-crafted technique at Fashion Scout’s Ones To Watch on Saturday February 16th.

How much does your unique technique lend itself to the concept behind your work?

The collection concepts build very much on the technique, but there is also a story present.

What inspirations are you drawing from with your next collection? 
One inspiration for the mood comes from the romantic, dark drama of 1989 of The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover. Absolutely stunning costume masterpieces with incredible lavish decorations, colours game all created by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Will this be a natural creative progression for you? 
I think so. Its an evolution from the graduate collection.

How have your ideas and design processes changed since graduating from Central Saint Martins? 
In the new collection I was trying to find more balance towards commercial approach, as eventually you have a profitable design.

Showcasing at Fashion Scout, what does this mean to you? 
This is the chance to express yourself and show your work to the big audience.

Interview by Vanessa Omoregie, edited by Cass Gowing. Photographs from Yulia's MA collection.