PARIS PREVIEW| Paris Designer David Longshaw

Ahead of David Longshaw heading to Paris to showcase his A/W13 collection with us once again as part of our Fashion Scout Paris showroom, we caught up with David to see what he is looking forward to most about this experience. 

What you are most looking forward to about Fashion Scout Paris?

Catching up face to face with the buyers from the stores I sell to and showing them my new collection. Catching up with the other designers and team Fashion Scout..... and of course the cakes... I LOVE Paris patisserie's- so I'm sure Kirsty Ward and I will be thoroughly investigating and analysing those together.

What you think are the advantages of showcasing your designs in Paris?
London is perhaps more exciting in terms of in terms of meeting all sorts of different people in the industry- but it is Paris where the orders are made. For me personally not all the stores I sell to come to London for fashion week- so if I didn't exhibit in Paris I would miss out on those sales.

We normally ask our designers what inspires their latest collection but David has gone one step further and has showed us the short animation which he created as his collection's inspiration. Click here to view "Painting Over Harry".

By Cass Gowing, Editor