EXHIBITION| Anna October Feb'13

Graduating from the College of Technology and Design in 2008 and later studying Fine Art studies, Anna October launched her own brand that was recently placed in the top 10 most promising designer brands of Eastern Europe by Marie Claire (US).

The Ukranian-born designer is known for her modern, feminine and timeless designs. October presented her AW13/14 collection at Fashion Scout's Exhibition Space and spoke to us about her collection, 'Present'.

What was the inspiration behind this season’s collection?

This collection was inspired by the post-Soviet countries clichés and the tradition of giving presents. This is something that was common in these countries, they gave a lot of gold and silver, people expect to have these presents. So these clichés were really interesting to me, as I am a child of the 90s, a generation that doesn't practice these traditions.

Talk to us about the materials of your collection.

I am addicted to shimmering textiles and I was experimenting with different jacquards throughout the collection. All the materials were made especially for this collection in different productions in France.

What do you consider your signature pieces?

I like to work with feminine cuts that shape the body, and combine it with modern 'strange' fabrics to give a modern look. My signature pieces are definitely dresses, feminine dresses.

Where do you see your brand going in the future?

I see it moving forward in a conceptual way. As the brand grows and matures, I think more stockists and publications will come then.

Words by Toni May <a href="https://twitter.com/fashion_loving">@Fashion_Loving</a>
Images by Daniella Farrow (@DaniFarrow)