Emiliy Seulki Uhm's collection for her label Emillium, Visual Dispersion AW13/14 Dispersive Prism uses electric embellishment and subtlety flattering cuts to embrace women's curves. She graduated from London College of Fashion in 2012 and had her collection showcased at the Victoria and Albert museum. Fashion Scout spoke to the London based, Korean designer about her influences and aspirations.

What do you think of Fashion Scout and the opportunities it offers as an international showcase?
This is my first time exhibiting an official collection in London since I graduated, so I am very excited. For me it is really good to see other international designers and have the opportunity to communicate with them.

Which designers do you find most inspiring?
Christopher Kane, Balenciaga and Givenchy are my top three. One of the reasons I came here to study is because I love all the colour and fresh design in London. I interned for Jonathan Saunders and there is a sense of fun in his designs. A lot of those designers who are established yet are still emerging really inspire me.

What influenced your AW13/14 collection 'Visual Dispersion. Dispersive Prism.'?
My use of electric components as a form of embellishment was inspired by Leonardo Ulain. He is a London based contemporary artist who uses electric components in his paintings.

Who do you design for?
My ultimate intention is to make women feel comfortable. I want to make clothes that are flattering but that do this is in a subtle way. This season I have used embellishment to do this.

What are your plans after Fashion Scout?
I wasn't planning to do my own label. I was so happy with the opportunity but a little afraid to do my own so soon. This is my very first day at the Fashion Scout exhibition so I'll have to see how it goes. I have already met Susie Bubble and other international press, so there are many great opportunities. I hope to return to Fashion Scout next year and have my own show. This opportunity was very unexpected but I'm so happy, I feel incredibly lucky to be doing my own label.

Interview by Darcie Thompson-Fields
Images by Lauren Marsh @laurenalicia24