Chinese-British designer and London College of Fashion graduate Lu Liu returns to Fashion Scout with her brand Lulu Liu after an exciting season. She showcases pieces from her latest collection in the Fashion Scout exhibition showroom and talks to us about her new collection and her upcoming show.

Tell us more about your new collection?
The new collection is a continuous collection of my Spring / Summer collection, this season I also made surrealism prints as a continuing theme. The colours are more toned down, more feminine and heavier as it’s the winter collection. With the prints the colours are red, black, and white that’s how I spread my colour range. Fabric wise, I’m using lots of cashmere and fine silk. All the finishings for the garments are really top quality so you won’t see any over locks inside the garment, it’s very clean.

How did you come up with the new shapes for this collection?
The new shapes are just based on my last collection. I’ve got some pieces that are less wearable for the show, but I also have pieces that focus on wearability so I consider more about what the customer wants to wear. For example, there are garments where I have thought about what the customer would wear underneath.

Where do you find the balance between creative craftsmanship and wearability?
I’m trying to consider whether if it’s me, what would I wear and where would I wear it to? It’s hard to keep a balance but every time I design something I have the customer in mind.

How are you finding the exhibition at Fashion Scout this season?
It’s great because there have been a lot of press and buyers who are interested, and constantly coming in to talk to me about my collections.

How are you feeling before your show on Tuesday?
It’s been exhausting but fun! Pretty much everything is prepared; I’m just finishing some last minute details like shoes and stitching. I’ve been very busy since last season, but I’m happy that it’s all done.

Words by Vanessa Omoregie (@wewearblack)
Images by Siobhan Kerrigan