Chinese born, London based designer Patrick Li graduated Business Studies at the University of Brighton before going on to take an MA in Womenswear at the prestigious Royal College of Art. He worked with designers such as Victor & Rolf and Chalayan before launching his own brand in 2012. Fashion Scout caught up with him at the exhibition.

What do you think of Fashion Scout and the opportunities it provides as an international showcase?

It is a great platform for emerging designers to integrate with the media and offers extensive support for creatives. There is almost a recognition that comes with being part of Fashion Scout. I feel like it really helps to guide young designers.

What inspires the fusion of mechanical and organic elements in your design?

I like to think of it as my design aesthetic, I like geometric shapes and striking graphic lines. It is something that I incorporate into my choice of materials, such as the use of leather and wool, something soft against something hard. 

What were your main influences for this collection? Do you design for a particular woman?

I was inspired by the 'Shadow Catchers' exhibition at the V&A. It showed camera-less images that had been exposed to the light. The image of light coming through the darkness gave a strong, impactual and sensual effect. When I began gathering my inspirations I didn't have a woman in mind but as I developed my ideas I started to think about the potential owner of the garment. This really helped me balance out creativity with wearability.

Interview by Darcie Thompson-Fields. (@DarcieTF)
Images by Siobhan Kerrigan (@SiobhanKerrigan)