EXHIBITION| Taeseok Kang FEB'13

This season London College of Fashion graduate Taeseok Kang is showcasing the sexually orientated, innovative designs in his AW13 Collection at the Fashion Scout Exhibition space at Freemasons Hall for a second season.

What is your brand aesthetic?

My work explores the narratives of sexual human body parts and the sexual sensations that manifest from human nature. I work with the displacement of human body parts, deconstructing them and illustrating them through my designs, which range from sexually subtle to erotic and extreme.

Tell us about your inspiration for the AW13 collection:

I have reassembled sexual body parts into the designs of my bags and accessories, they are demonstrated through the shapes, functions and details. I have also taken inspiration from the art of cross-dressing, a concept which has influenced the functions of my creations; in particular the backpack which includes a hood in it’s design and the ‘garment bag’– illustrating the multi-functional nature of my designs.

How do you create the items?

They are all handcrafted using a combination of vegetarian leather and plated brass, which is used for fixtures, closures details and the earrings, brooches and clips I have designed.

What are the future plans for the label?

I aim to withhold the same concept whilst working on new shapes, I will be taking a more masculine perspective on my work working on symbols to signify male body parts. I will also be taking inspiration from my childhood memories centering around the relationship I had with my father when I was a boy.

What are your thoughts on working with Fashion Scout?

It has allowed me to network with so many people and make new connections within the fashion industry. It has also allowed me to import my own world to the public eye, providing an amazing opportunity.

Interview by Brooke McCord (@BrookeMcCord)
Images by Hannah Wilson (xHannahWilsonx) and Max Barnett (MaxBarnettPhoto)