What was your inspiration for the mixture of prints in this collection?
It was a mixture of thoughts, but I wanted to get away from the long silhouettes that I had used last season and in my MA Graduate Collection; I wanted to crop everything, so it is all short.  I have been inspired by the ceilings of The Hermitage building, so the print encompasses this really baroque texture.  There are two different types of prints, which mirror the two ceilings of The Hermitage; the first is very baroque, very flowery in a way, and the second is inspired by old Caviar cans, such as those in the Soviet Union in the 1970s. I wanted to use very pop-up colours in a very 1960s way. 

Your clothes appear to exhibit some historical references in terms of the way that they are cut.  Was this intentional?  
It was. I wanted to achieve something lighter and younger, like floaty skirts; iā€™m concentrating on what my customers want now. My market is quite young, so I wanted to give them freedom in the fullness of the skirt, with a playful touch.  The clothes are accessible because the length is short, and we have different jackets so a girl would have a wardrobe that she could mix.  

Can you explain your range, and combination of fabrics in this collection?  
It is based on silks like the last collection, but on some we have the insertion of the silk-cotton blend, as well as some taffeta pieces. 

Interview by Abigail Gurney-Read (@AbbyGurneyRead)
Images by 
Max Barnett (@maxbarnettphoto)
Abigail Gurney-Read (@AbbyGurneyRead)