FRONT ROW| Pam Hogg FEB'13

Pam Hogg’s show at Fashion Scout is guaranteed to draw a crowd, and this season was no exception.  We were lucky enough to speak to a few members of the Front-Row in the moments before the show.

Nick Rhodes & Judy Blame 

How long have you been a fan of Pam’s work?  
Nick: Far too long actually, I used to come to Pam’s shows in the 80s.  
Judy: Pam is a one-off, she has her own style and she keeps it; that’s what I like about her. All her shows are really a social event as well as a mad, wicked outfit.  
Nick: I agree. I think she is incredibly unique and she has been a maverick for longer than most designers have ever thought about it.  She has still got fantastic energy and in a way, I think her show is one of the most enjoyable anywhere in the world and all the fashion weeks.  It’s colourful, it’s bright, it’s sexy, it’s full of energy.  

That definitely seems to be an overriding theme in her designs; it makes women look really sexy in themselves, rather than trying to appeal to anyone else.  
Judy: Pam is a strong woman, and she designs for that kind of person.  
Nick: She gets all the things we like; goth, sci-fi, punk, it’s all in there.    

Jaime Winstone

She is always amazing, and is always the most exciting show to come to at Fashion Week.  She’s not on the schedule and for me, she’s the most inspirational fashion designer out there; she strives on, she keeps going and she hasn’t necessarily got the backing she needs.  This show is really exciting, it feels major.  

Pam is ahead of her game, she’s always doing her own thing and setting the standard.  For me, that is what Pam is.  She’s one of my best friends; my inspiration.  She puts the ‘punk’ into fashion.  

Interviews by Abigail Gurney-Read (@AbbyGurneyRead)