INDUSTRY SELECTS| Martyn Roberts, Hilary Alexander, Jessica Bumpus and Eudon Choi

Ahead of the eagerly anticipated Fashion Scout London A/W13 showcase, we exclusively caught up with Fashion Scout Director Martyn Roberts,'s Jessica Bumpus, esteemed journalist and Graduate Fashion Week trustee Hilary Alexander and Fashion Scout alumni Eudon Choi to find out their selection of Fashion Scout designers this season and what they think designers need to do in order to gain global recognition within the industry. Tweet us your thoughts of this exclusive insight @FashionScout

Martyn Roberts, director and founder of Fashion Scout:

Out of the showcasing designers for Fashion Scout February '13, who are you hotly tipping for global recognition? 
Merit Award winner Yifang Wan and Ji Cheng have both been getting lots of publicity in China.  I'm also looking forward to our two international showcases - Runway Collective from Istanbul and Kiev Fashion Days

What is your advice for designers in regards to international recognition?
They need to think big and ensure that their vision is global.  The models and styling they use need to appeal to different markets.  Its an exciting time for designers who want to conqueror the world

What shows are you looking forward to the most this season?
 I love Pam Hogg's shows - they're always so crazy and have a fantastic celebrity audience

Jessica Bumpus, Fashion Features Editor at and Fashion Scout Selection Panel member:

What Fashion Scout shows are you most looking forward to this season?
I'm looking forward to seeing what all of the designers have in store but I think I'm especially looking forward to Patrick Li from the Ones To Watch and Yifang Wan, the Merit Award-winner.

In your experience, what qualities do designers need to in order to gain international appeal?
Well international appeal is quite a large and expansive term and you have to think globally and about your markets - and each is different. So I would say designers need to be flexible about their vision and realise that it has to be just as commercially viable and covetable as it is creative. What works for one market doesn't for another. Think big, be pragmatic and open to suggestion

Hilary Alexander, former Fashion Director of the Telegraph, Graduate Fashion Week trustee and Fashion Scout Selection Panel Member:

One of my favourites to watch from Fashion Scout, is Stephanie Kitchen, from Bath Spa who will be showing as part of the FAD show on Tuesday.

Fashion Scout alumni and former Merit Award winner Eudon Choi:

Out of the showcasing designers for Fashion Scout February '13, who are you hotly tipping for global recognition and what shows are you most looking forward to? 
Heo Hwan (Heohwan Simulation) for his immaculate tailoring and precision. Again, I have to say Heo Hwan as he is a dear friend and very talented.

In your opinion, what qualities do designers need to have in order to have international appeal? 
I think that if you are true to your vision and work hard then sooner or later you will succeed. 

Images by Natalia Ilina, Asia Werbel and Industry London.