INTERNATIONAL RECEPTION| In partnership with Fashion Monitor

Today Fashion Scout hosted the International Reception in partnership with Fashion Monitor, at Freemasons Hall - an event designed to introduce the brightest design talent from the UK and internationally to key press, buyers and members of the industry. At the event, Fashion Scout caught up Fashion Monitor Publisher, Hannah White and Editor, Sarah Penny to chat about the partnership, the Fashion Monitor Style Lounge, Fashion Scout and Fashion Week survival tips.

How has the International Reception partnership benefited Fashion Monitor and your presence in the industry?

Sarah: The International Reception is a great opportunity for us to really interact with the designers as a company allowing us to meet people, network and socialise on a personal level. It’s also a great way to hear about a designer’s inspiration first hand, as opposed to reading about it. For example, I have learnt all about Taeseok Kang’s Korean upbringing and how that has influenced his sexualized designs.

Hannah: As an authoritative voice in the industry, actually hosting the International Reception has allowed our editorial team to interact with the designers on a personal level which is great. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for buyers and press to spot new talent.

How do you feel about Fashion Scout's transition from an emerging host to a global international showcase?

Sarah: It provides such a good platform for designers to establish themselves, whilst offering everyone else the opportunity to watch their collections materialise and grow, something I particularly like.

Hannah: It really is brilliant, it’s so important the talent showcased in London goes global and that’s what is now happening. Fashion Scout’s work in Paris is also great for this.

Tell us about your Fashion Monitor style lounge, we have heard it has been a huge success?

Sarah: It’s been such a relief having the style lounge as our personal hub to share with other people in the industry, it offers an area of creativity and tranquility, we have had some fantastic feedback.

Hannah: Its been so successful in its mix of eclectic brands, which have attracted key press to the lounge, it has also given us a chance to network and meet people on a more personal level than before.

Any Fashion Week survival tips?

Sarah: Wedges, as they offer height and comfort. Layer your clothes, you never know how hot it may be in a show and wear statement accessories to showcase your personal style.

Hannah: Lots of liquids and keep a pair of flats in your handbag for blister fuelled emergencies!

Fashion Scout also spoke to Rob Cavell-Clarke of the renowned online platform and e-retailer Not Just a Label about the exhibition. 

Are there any designers you’re here to see?

Yifang Wan I think she’s amazing, I saw her collection yesterday which was really beautiful.

What do you make of the season so far?

Good and really exciting with the new stuff especially the young designers. The most interesting ones are the designers from international countries. There’s also the International Fashion showcase which has been really good.

Have you seen any trends that are starting to come through so far this week?

With men’s fashion week it was all about hyper practicality, clothes that turned into other things where as everything here seems more simplistic.

Interview by Brooke McCord (@BrookeMcCord) and Vanessa Omoregie (@wewearblack)
Images by Siobhan Kerrigan (@SiobhanKerrigan) and Daniella Farrow (@danifarrow)