INTERVIEW| Eugene Lin FEB'13

Ahead of today’s AW13 Euguene Lin Show, Fashion Scout caught up with Eugene himself to absorb his aesthetic of sophistication first hand; and to learn about his inspiration for the AW13 Collection, which is a sequel to his SS13 Collection.

Tell us about the inspiration for your AW13 Collection:
The collection is ultimately a sequel to my SS13 Collection, in which I retold the illustrators Greek Myth – ‘The Judgment of Paris’. This collection is a progression from the frenzy of Eris’s gift - the golden apple. It is a modern interpretation of the ancient mythology, therefore in sight of this I have used bullets as opposed to arrows which are illustrated through the use of rich gold rivets and shattered glass digitalised print, which signifies the violence of love and the fragility of it all’.

What are the key pieces and features of the pieces in this collection? 
This collection showcases simple t-shirts and fitted leggings progressing towards embellished dresses and heavy, detailed outerwear. The bullet-like rivets are a key feature of my concept, which are shown on both the heavily embellished outerwear and dresses and through the digitalized print demonstrated on the silk trousers and lighter pieces in the collection.

How does the colour scheme represent the concept?
I have used rich gold and burgundy to signify love and lust and black and deep aqua to represent the turmoil and fragility of The Judgment of Paris. 

Words by Brooke McCord (@BrookeMcCord)
Images by Hannah Wilson