INTERVIEW| Heohwan Simulation

Heohwan Simulation's collection 'Editorials in '68' showed to an enamoured audience. Fashion Scout caught up with him after the show to find out about his influences and progression.

How have you progressed since 'Ones to Watch' and winning the Merit award last season?
Ones to Watch was my first step, I'm really happy to be moving forward since then and to be showing my fourth collection. It is the fourth in my Critique Collection and I hope to make it all the way to my 16th. 

Is there a continuous narrative throughout your critique collection?
Yes, it is my collective viewpoint of fashion in film noir and fashion history. I am always influenced by the 19th and 20th century in fashion, the progressive development of fashion and eventually film.

What was your inspiration behind this collection?
I was inspired by the political and fashion movements of 1968. I put together images from fashion magazines of that year as well as social movement and integrated the two. This inspired my creative process, painting on silk and envisioning the bigger picture. I am not good at colour, I started with black, white and grey and used print to integrate some colour. 

What do you think of the opportunities Fashion Scout has provided not only you but international designers as a whole?
It is a very good opportunity to get the chance to be on a catwalk or in a show room that you may not otherwise get. I am so happy with the opportunities that Fashion Scout have given me. 

Text by Darcie Thompson-Fields (@DarcieTF)
Images by Tram Nguyen (@tramnguyenp)