INTERVIEW| Kiev Fashion Days: Anna October

A favourite at Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days Anna October is already an international hit being stocked in Antwerp as well as in Paris. Her Fashion Scout runway debut yesterday created a buzz with everyone talking about her use of materials and amazing metallic textures. Fashion Scout spoke to Anna about showcasing at this international platform.

You’ve used amazing materials in your collection, how did this come about?

I’m using a lot of shimmer and very tactile materials because I’m making classical feminine silhouettes but in combination with these modern materials with some added plastic details that are changing colours with the fringing so it becomes more modern and futuristic.

Is there a story that you’re trying to tell with this collection?

Yes, the inspiration for this collection was the tradition of giving presents. The title of the collection is actually “Present” and the idea of gift giving as well as in the present time. I wanted to express the present time of aesthetics.

How do you combine feminine shapes with strong textures?

In general the heroine of my brand, the girl as I see as my muse, she is a young lady but she is also very sophisticated.

How have you found it presenting your work in the Fashion Scout venue?

It’s amazing; I like this experience so much. It almost feels like school for me because I’ve been learning so much, I love London.

Interview by Vanessa Omoregie (@wewearblack)
Images by Bex Day (@Rebecca_Day)