INTERVIEW | Merit Award Winner Yifang Wan and Director Martyn Roberts

After an outstanding showcase of her new collection Feb ’13 Merit Award winner Yifang Wang stopped amidst a busy and frenzy backstage after show buzz to talk a little bit about the show.

The collection was amazing, how do you feel winning the Merit Award?
Thank you so much. I’m very honoured and proud to be showing my collection.

Has Fashion Scout London as a showcase inspired your work?
Yes, London is very inspiring because there is always a lot happening here, and a lot of people so it is always busy.

What were your inspirations behind the collection?
It's about religion, it's very spiritual and about the way people are religious. I am looking at ritual experiences in people.

What’s next for you and your brand?
I want to keep doing it, keep going and creating more.
Martyn Roberts, Fashion Scout's Director produced the Merit Award show and commented on the feel and atmosphere post-show: 

“The music was wonderful – very dark that had a good beat to it. So we really wanted to feed into it and build up the models slowly but very powerfully. The clothing speaks for itself. We don't need to do anything fancy or over-stylised because the clothing is very simple, very clean, very powerful. We had Vogue Italia, South China Morning Post and a lot of other talent spotters here. She's an incredible designer, very talented.”

Interview by Vanessa Omoregie (@wewearblack) and Josh Walker (@josh_walker_)
Images by Kris Elliott (@kriselliott)