With the new collection of Nova Chiu soon to hit the catwalk, Fashion Scout talked to Jeff Archer on what we have to forward to with the AW13 collection.

What do we have to look forward to?
We were inspired by this Korean video artist, Nam June Paik. He did a piece in the mid 90's called the electric superhighway. It's a map of America and all of the states are outlined in neon lights and there are TV screens within each state. So we were inspired by the neon colours and we were also inspired by America in general so we took a lot of influence from native America, Alaska, eskimos and then multi-cultural America and then just infused it all. Obviously we always try to use a lot of animal stuff but not animals that are killed for fashion. So we have animals like deer, rabbit fur.
So how has it changed or adapted from last season? 
It's an evolution of last season. Last season we were doing a mass roadtrip across China and America so we did a lot of prints last season with a lot of bright colours. This season we've still got the colours but we haven't got every colour of the rainbow. We wanted to bring black back into it too so we've got that.
It's always good when designers evolve on their last collection. 
I see a lot of designers, especially starting off and each collection is the same as the last just a little bit different. Where as with us we try to go and completely change it. We want to try and show our full creativity and full inspiration of themes.
How has your experience been with Fashion Scout? 
Last season we were in Paris for the first time which was awesome, we really liked it. Martyn's a big supporter so we really like working with him and the whole team at Fashion Scout are really cool.
Interview by Josh Walker (@josh_walker_)
Images by Lauren Marsh (@LaurenAlicia24)