INTERVIEW| Sara Maino, Vogue Italia

Following the success of Merit Award Winner, Yifang Wan, Fashion Scout were fortunate enough to speak to Sara Maino, Senior Fashion Editor at Vogue Italia:  

"I think that she has really interesting silhouette cuts and overcoats; it’s interesting how she uses the metal pieces as elements in the clothes.  At the beginning of a designer’s career there is always a turning-process to be done, but I think she is someone to watch out for in the next season as she develops.     

I think Fashion Scout is always an interesting place to come; there are some designers who I saw last season, who are developing their collection in a positive and prosperous way.  Fashion Scout is becoming more international, but this is a consequence of what is happening in fashion.  In London there are many emerging, interesting designers; basically, London is an international city where many international people are living.  It’s not just a matter of being English, to be a London-based designer." 

Interview by Abigail Gurney-Read, @AbbyGurneyRead
Images by Daniella Farrow, @danifarrow