INTERVIEW | Style Editor of The Times Prue White

After a stunning showcase of the A/W 13 Rohmir show, with energies still high from the excitement on the runway, Fashion Scout spoke with Prue White stylist of the show and Style Editor of The Times.

What was it like styling the show?
It’s always fun, the adrenaline pumps and you don’t know where the time goes and that’s where the fun is!
It’s such an eclectic collection, how did you create a story throughout the pieces?
Madame Roh has a very clear vision and already knows what story she wants to say with this collection. It’s about the German, Swiss and Austrian vibe a fantastical aesthetic. So it’s all about pulling looks together that tell a story.
What is it about London that’s so inspiring?
London is always fun and these kinds of things you always get from London, there’s creativity that Rohmir brings that celebrates the city.
What do you think of Fashion Scout as a showcase?
It’s growing every year and there’s always this feeling of time flying by, the adrenaline keeps you going, I love it.

Vanessa Omoregie, @wewearblack
Image by Max Barnett, @maxbarnettphoto