NEWS| David Longshaw for Triumph Lingerie

Former Ones to Watch designer and Fashion Scout exhibitionist-regular David Longshaw is producing a multi-media installation for Triumph during London Fashion Week. 

Triumph, who are returning for the second season as London Fashion Week's ‘Official Catwalk Lingerie Supplier’, are celebrating the success of 127 years of the label through a pop up at ‘Maison Triumph’, on Covent Garden. The pop up - and David Longshaw's installation will be open to the public from the 15th - 19th February. 

We caught up with David to find out how he was scouted for this project:
"Triumph contacted me and said they would like me to be involved in the exhibition as they really liked my work. They explained what they were planning and a few ideas they had of what I might want to do for them, having seen my collections and things I had done for magazines/ exhibitions (the vogue Italia comic strip - Francesca & Arthur, my Maude work etc)- but ultimately they wanted to see what ideas I had for the project. "

Focusing around his iconic character Maude - alongside many other integral characters- the full scale art installation will create a truly unique installation. 
"The perfect way to celebrate this was to have Maude (Editor-in-Chief of MAUDEZINE and fictional fabric mouse) involved somehow" David elaborated, "The installation will be entitled 'Maude the Maker' and it involves a human size fabric Maude, bras, a vintage sewing machine and some of the MAUDEZINE team (in their original size 22cm and smaller) and a whole load of drawings."

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By Cass Gowing, Editor of Fashion Scout. Follow her on Twitter @CassGowing
Images from David Longshaw.