PREVIEW| Kiev Fashion Days Designers

Taking place at Fashion Scout today for the first time, Kiev Fashion Days. We are thrilled to showcase nine Kiev Fashion Days designers at Fashion Scout London allowing us to cement our global talent rebrand through providing them with a UK platform. Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days is the only international fashion event in Ukraine, it represents a new generation of designers and acts as a strong platform for their development and growth as designers.

Taking place in the Kiev Fashion Days catwalk showcase: 
Anna Kolomoets 
Yasya Minochkina 
Anna October 

Whilst joining them at the Kiev Fashion Days exhibition:
Ksenia Schnaider 
Natasha Zinko 
Sasha Kanevski 
Mariia Bekh 
Zinaida Lihacheva 

The Kiev Fashion Days exhibition takes place today, Sunday 17th February at 12pm whilst the exhibition runs from 10am to 6pm on Monday 18th February.