SPONSOR| Exclusive Backstage Interview with Toni & Guy on celebrating their 50 years in Hairdressing

Toni & Guy are Fashion Scout's time-honoured sponsors, each season a fantastic team of Toni & Guy stylists create beautiful hairstyles that perfectly compliment the shows at London Fashion Week.

Having caught up with the head stylist of the team , we asked what they thought would be the trend predictions of 2013, "60s hairstyles are still going to be a big trend for the year, but also there will be more structural and graphic looks and looks that play with product,  so contrasts between wet and texture."

We also asked about Toni & Guy's 50th anniversary of hairdressing, "We're really excited, all the Toni & Guy's all over the world are coming together. Once a year we come together to have an event where we will celebrate being a part of Toni & Guy and we will show our new hair collection in September but this year we will have a huge celebration. It's a very big year for us"

The renowned hair team is such a crucial part of every showcase and they tell us why the love being a part Fashion Scout, "It's great because it allows a lot of  young people to get together celebrating fashion. It's a nice place to work because there's always team work, you know a lot of us have worked together for a lot of seasons so we've worked together, we meet twice a year to do this and there's always a lot of organisation that goes into these events"

Interview Conducted by Toni May (@Fashion_Loving)
Images by Kris Elliot (@kriselliott)