ANNOUNCEMENT| Fashion Scout Kiev Begins

Following our announcement this week of Fashion Scout's expansion to Kiev with Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, we are ecstatic to greet day one! Fashion Scout are showcasing a selection of designers from Eastern Europe at the event which runs from today (March 21) until Sunday 24th March  at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Place, Moskovsky Avenue 22. 

Showcasing as part of the Fashion Scout Catwalk:
Lera Leschovajann Kolomoets
Yana Chaplygina and Yulia Efmtchuk

Showcasing with Fashion Scout Kiev's Exhibition:
Valery Kovalska
RCR Khomenko
Yasya Minochkina
Ksenia Schnaider
Zinaida Lihacheva
Vova Vorotniov
Idle Idol
Roman Lazar
Daniil Kovachev
Maria Proskurovskaya
Pure Shop

Also running Fashion Scout Louis Franck Party at Bibique Bar and a lecture as well as mentoring programme by Director and Co-Founder Martyn Roberts. 

View the full schedule here on Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Day's website. 

By Cass Gowing, Editor.