NEWS| TANK magazine features Yifang Wan and Ai Weiwei

TANK magazine have highlighted on their social media channels FEB'13 Merit Award Winner Yifang Wan's encounter with Ai Weiwei prior to her A/W13 show. Published on their Twitter and Facebook channels, the eponymous magazine stated:

"Young designer Yifang Wan met with Ai Weiwei when she was in China. Little did she know she was about to get a make over.

As a way to test how comfortable people are on letting a total stranger in, Ai Weiwei cuts strangers hair and documents this on his instagram. 

Here's Yifang's finished do!"

We blogged about Yifang's meeting with renowned artist Ai Weiwei during fashion week, read the full post here

Blog Post by Editor Cass Gowing
First photo, images from Ai Weiwei's Instagram as used by Tank Magazine, second images courtessey of Yifang Wan