PARIS| Designer Collection Apu Jan at Fashion Scout

New face Apu Jan is following hot on the heels of his catwalk show in London at the Freemasons Hall showcasing his collection at Fashion Scout’s Paris showroom. We caught up with the designer to find out how he is finding his first Paris showroom experience.
This is your first collection and your first Paris showroom. How are you finding the Fashion Scout Paris showroom?I have had some really great feedback, and because this is my first collection this is very valuable to me. Particularly on the marketing side, speaking to buyers and finding out which pieces will sell well.
What do you think are the advantages of showing in Paris? To meet more international buyers, people who don’t go to London. Also to get more feedback. For me as a new designer a big advantage is to see the amazing professional standard of displaying work and to see how other designers present their collections for sales.
What was your main inspiration for this current collection?It all came from Petroleum, how it comes into existence – so mining the Petroleum from the sea. The history of Petroleum and the fact that it is slowly disappearing Is reflected in my collection which ranges from heavily printed pieces to solid black garments. This tells the story of how we have mined it into almost non-existence and the black represents the present day and lack of these recourses.

Apu's collection is available to view until Tuesday 5th March at the Fashion Scout Paris Showroom.   
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