PARIS| Designer Feature - Timur Kim

After great success showing at the Freemasons Hall during London Fashion Week Timur Kim has bought his elegant printed collection to display at the Fashion Scout Paris Showrooms. We caught up with Timur to find out more about his beautifully executed collection.

What are you looking forward to most about the Fashion Scout Paris showroom?
To see new buyers and the way that you can promote your collection – you never know who is about to walk through that door.

What do you think are the advantages to showing in Paris?
You kind of have to show in Paris, its how this industry works. If you don’t show in Paris you will miss out on valuable relationships with buyers.

What is your main inspiration behind this latest collection?
Caviar and Russian Heritage. I like the idea of the total print look so taking this Caviar idea into print. There is also the luxury element to Caviar, we are doing a collaboration with Oliver Sweeny to create this great line of printed luxury accessories for men too.

Timur Kim’s collection is available to view until the 5th March in the Fashion Scout Paris showroom, 23 Rue du Roi de Sicile, Paris 75004.
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