NEWS| Iris Van Herpen collaborates with Daphne Guinness and Nick Knight for SHOWstudio

As far as cutting edge fashion technology goes; this week sees a most innovative; and heavily experimental collaboration between Fashion Scout alumni, Iris Van Herpen, Daphne Guinness and Nick Knight for SHOWstudio.

The product of this mergence of talent comes in the shape of the ‘Crystallization’ dress; conceptualized by both Iris and Nick. The creative process is documented on camera, during a week-long live broadcast, in which the live stream captures Daphne being splashed with black and clear water using high speed camera technology, so to create technological footage, from which Iris will take inspiration for her one-of-a-kind water dress.

The broadcast showcases Iris’s love of futuristic technologies, intangible technologies and illusive concepts, which combined with archaic crafts, create shape-shifting creations, which defy all forms of logic. Knight is set to shoot Daphne in the completed dress, which will be viewable to the public at the SHOWcabinet from June.

After seven days of work, the team unveiled the finish piece live this morning at 11am. For more information visit SHOWstudio's website

Post by Brooke McCord@BrookeMcCord 
Photos by Bart Oomes and Roland Didier, via SHOWstudio