NEWS| Fashion Scout designers Shao Yen and Heohwan Simulation in Tank Magazine

This week has seen Tank magazine highlight two Fashion Scout designers in their ‘Power Four’ of emerging international designers article; more specifically, Shao Yen and Heohwan Simulation.

Disclosing that Shao Yen never planned to become a knitwear designer, the article explains how Shao initially directed his talent toward jewellery design; before taking a place on the Central St Martin knitwear programme –  a movement which proved a vehicle for experimentation. The article goes on to discuss Shao’s brand aesthetic of experimental spirit, which is accessible to many people; his most recent collection inspired by Catalan artist Joan Miro and Giuseppe Castiglione’s portraits of the Chinese Emperor Qianlong, mirrors this, combining wearable clothing and eccentricity.

Alongside Shao, RCA graduate and Fashion Scout Merit Award and ‘One’s to Watch’ designer, Heohwan Simulation, is also deemed an emerging designer destined for big things. The article places emphasis on Hwan Heo’s determination, the philosophical and concept based aesthetic of his brand; and his “The decade Project”, a ten year concept he is undertaking inspired by his reading of fashion’s history.

Both Fashion Scout designers are featured alongside British, Danish Duo Trager Delaney and London launched label Ostwald Helgason. 

Text by Brooke McCord @BrookeMcCord
Images from Tank Magazine.