NEWS| Vogue Italia and The Dubai Mall's Eco Talents Scouting Initiative

Vogue Italia  have launched Eco-Talents Scouting, a new organisation created with The Dubai Mall in order to encourage creativity in eco-fashion and eco-design. Aimed at both emerging and established designers, all the selected projects will be exhibited in October at The Dubai Mall during the “Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience”.

Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia Franca Sozzani commented on the enterprise: "The Dubai Mall is a Fashion World. Vogue Italia is a Fashion Magazine. To make an event together means to welcome all the people who love fashion, and also to give an opportunity to young talents to show their creativity and their talent”

Want to enter? You need to send to the following information:
  • Biography and info on the brand
  • A lookbook of the two latest collections
  • A list of stores where the brand is sold
  • A short text illustrating your project with relevant sketches and designs
Deadline to be part of this global eco initiative is 30th June 2013. For more information, visit Vogue Italia's Eco Talents pages. 

By Cass Gowing, Editor. 
Follow her on Twitter, @CassGowing