Backstage at Apu Jan the creative process is in full swing, so Fashion Scout caught up with both the Tony&Guy hair team and The Body Shop make-up team ahead of the show.

In order not to detract the main focus from Apu Jan’s heavily printed and textured designs, both hair and make up were simplistic in element. Whilst Tony&Guy have created a textured hair style focused on contrast – high shine, wet-look on top, with dry loose lengths full of movement – using Label:m Holding Gloss and Extra Strong Moose; head make-up artist, Clare Degraft has opted for a ‘fresh-faced look’ with The Body Shop products. Groomed eyebrows, slick eyeliner and soft contoured cheeks, with a dash of high-shine gloss under the eyebrow. Lips are glossy orange to complement the vibrant hues used in Apu Jan’s collection. 

Brooke McCord @BrookeMcCord
Photography by Benjamin Turgel @benjaminturgel and Anne Laymond @LolKitteh
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