We went backstage before the highly anticipated presentation from Singapore born, London based designer Eugene Lin. With the man himself being prepped for an interview with Toni&Guy team, and The Body Shop head make up artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis mid-demonstration; I managed to speak to the head hair stylist; Richard Mannah on the concept for the show and how it was being translated.

“Eugene wanted these girls to look fierce, bold and strong. Female Amazonian warriors emerging out of the water going to battle basically. So, the way we have done the hair; is all off the face from the sides, through the top, you know a ponytail. So it gives that warrior feeling about the hair...With a lot of hairspray through the sides so it look really glossy and a lot of gel through the top to make as though they have emerged from the water, so it gives that very wet finish through the top.

His clothes actually have the same thing going on; there is a contrast with shine and matt together so that's the type of direction I kind of moved into with the hair. The best products we used for this show is the Label.m Volume Mousse as a prepping agent, Hairspray and Holding Gloss through the sides and Label.m gel through the top to give it that real shine and wet finish”

Madeleine Ayers, contributor. Follow her on Twitter: @MadeleineAyers
Images by Benjamin Turgel, @BenjaminTurgel