BACKSTAGE| Heohwan Simulation SS14

As last year’s Merit award winner Heohwan Simulation has a lot to live up to this season. His multitude of textural contrasts and interesting silhouettes has enabled the Royal College of Arts graduate to prove himself as an austere designer.

Backstage it would have been easy to feel like a bull in a china shop. The gorgeous china plate-esque patterns welcomed in an array of people; with eleven models, dozens of hair and make up artists and a swarm of interns- the room was electric. Photographers bouncing from wall to wall within the clean-cut garments and well-organized rails left little room for maneuver.

It was near enough impossible to distract the Body Shop make-up artists and the Tony&Guy hair stylists as they were intent on creating the perfect look for the catwalk. A feminine palette of pinks and nudes were applied perfectly to the impeccable models. Slick, ceaseless manes combined with the make up in order to create the perfect juxtaposition with Heo’s tough femininity aesthetic. The use of natural make up and slick hair allow the clothes to speak for themselves, and they need no assistance.

Heo’s confidence and attention to detail are recurrent throughout his collections. Yet again, his collection is imbued with depth and the rails are hard to tear your eyes away from. Blacks, whites, blues and greys follow suit and prove Heo truly is consistent and confident with his renowned style. 

The eagerly awaiting audience will definitely not be disappointed with this show.

Emily Black, blog contributor, @emilyy_black
Grace Sanchez, blog photographer, @gracyphotograph
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