BACKSTAGE| Little Shilpa

Showcasing for the first time this season at Freemason’s Hall is Little Shilpa. Shilpa Chavan, the genius behind the label, creates eccentric and exquisite headpieces. This installation artist uses unique concepts that do not transcend over time. Her creations hold a powerful aesthetic and an array of bright colour and geometric shapes; each piece is individually hand crafted with materials that Shilpa has hoarded over time.

Fashion Scout went backstage while Toni&Guy and The Body Shop prepared models for the presentation. Shilpa’s Mumbai roots were evident behind the scenes as regal golds and blacks were laid out as the colour palette of choice. Photographs of elegant women in saris and delicate jeweled headpieces were posted around the hectic set-up. The Body Shop team were absorbed in the act of placing gold glossy eyebrows on the models faces. Emphasis was definitely placed on the eyes; black eye shadows created an intense look whilst lips were masked with foundation.

The Toni&Guy hair stylists were directing their attention on braiding one models extremely long hair. Slicked at the roots transcending into an impeccably even plait- this hairstyle will compliment the milliner’s accessories perfectly.

The models looked incredibly fierce and will hopefully present Little Shilpa’s first Fashion Scout collection justly. 

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By Emily Black, @emilyy_black
Photography by Tram Nguyen, @TramNguyenp