BACKSTAGE| Lug Von Siga SS14

Tribal was the buzzword being floated backstage at Lug Von Siga 90 minutes before the Spring Summer 2014 showcase kicked off. The collection, yet to arrive, was hinted at by the looks being carefully constructed by head Toni&Guy hair stylist Efi Davies and head The Body Shop MUA Lan Nguyen-Grealis. The environment still in the calm before the creative storm; there was time to talk through the looks.

Lan, tell us about the inspiration for the looks you are creating for Lug Von Siga SS13:
The inspiration is pretty much tribal, but it's quite military tribal. It's quite dark; greys, moody, very chiseled very graphic. The make up is very technical, it's quite winged. The eyes are strong with the shape and where it goes it goes but it's not all coloured in; it's clever shading. Still keeping the girls quite soft but hard at the same time; there's a lot of chiseling on the cheekbones, highlight on the nose; it's very angular and brows are very strong.

What are The Body Shop hero products you have used to create this look:
The eyebrow palettes, because the colours are very neutral; greys and darks. Also 'caramel flirt' and 'coconuts about you'. The lips are 'dare to bare' so a very nude colour.

Mid styling we managed to speak to Efi Davies about the complex creation she was working on:
The inspiration basically comes from looking at the collection; there is a lot of tribal inspiration, a bit of mari. The prints are beautiful and yet they maintain a very feminine cut between the lines. We had to have a tribal feel within the hair so the familiar element would have to be the ponytails and the elastic coming through, but for me the feminine element of it is to actually take everything together into a ponytail for a softer and more feminine edge to it rather than being very literal.

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Madeleine Ayers, contributor. Follow her on Twitter: @MadeleineAyers
Photographs by Grace Sanchez, @GracyPhotograph