Models with fishtail braids get their hair adorned with beautiful foliage for a theme that is reminiscent of a fairy tale. Hair by the team at TONI&GUY and Label M and make up looks by The Body Shop, everyone works frantically in a positive energy the mimics the clothes waiting to be dressed on the models. Designer Lulu Liu returns for another season at Fashion Scout, we have a chat with the excited designer backstage:

How are you feeling this season?
I’m really relaxed surprisingly!

What are your thoughts behind this new collection?
This is a very personal collection for me, basically my muse is my little boy he’s only nine months old. The whole collection’s shape is inspired by Victorian infant wear and loads of ruffles and checks. When I think about the theme of Victorian children, for me I always think about Alice in Wonderland. Somehow I always think about playing chess in the garden with afternoon tea. Chessboards are a very strong inspiration technique wise, hand weaving mixed with my hand drawing technique.

How has this collection changed since the last time Fashion Scout caught up with you?
It’s been changing; it’s becoming more me now. I can even feel that my craft is becoming better and better, I learn so much with the whole process every time. This season I have a strong feeling it’s more wearable, and now when I design I think more about the consumer. Putting on a show on the catwalk is important, but I think it’s all about creating beautiful clothes for my customer so I think it comes out really cool. Well, you get what you see!

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Vanessa Omoregie, @WeWearBlack
Photographs by Grace Sanchez, @gracyphotograph and Jamike Latif, @JamikeLatif