BACKSTAGE| Yong Kyun Shin

Today at Freemason’s Hall Yong Kyun Shin will be showcasing his SS14 collection. With many acclaimed awards, experience at McQueen and Victor&Rolf, and a Central Saint Martin’s degree- this designer’s history really speaks for itself.

His work has astounded many as it creates optical illusions and effects with the intricately elaborate detail. Experimenting with various techniques has allowed Yong to prove himself as a skilled designer.

Backstage at Yong Kyun Shin it appeared the team were quite rushed. The past six months have been building up to this moment for the label, and the pressure was definitely on them.

Toni&Guy created a beautiful sculpted hairstyle; an up do with shape that should accompany Yong’s architectural structures perfectly and add further shape.  

The expert Body Shop team used shocking pink eyes. This season the collections colour palette consists mainly of pale pink and black- the use of bursting eye colour will accompany the fear and attraction juxtaposition that is usually evident in Yong’s work.

Yong’s inventive and ingenious label will hopefully put on the magnificent show today that everyone is anticipating. 

by Emily Black, @emilyy_black
Photos by Jean-Luc Brouard
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