COLLECTION| Zeynep Tosun SS14

The air was electric in the Fashion Scout Vestibule for the presentation of Zeynep Tosun. Front row full; the lights went down theatrically and a collective intake from the onlookers signified the start of the show.

Titled “Hidden”, thoughts drift to expeditions in search of hidden treasure. The idea of concealed sexuality dictated androgynous notes. Straight lines hid the frame and heavily draped silks trailed the models; woven sandals finishing the looks. The first outfit left little to be desired; pure white lightweight chiffon panels; wide leg trousers layered with runway skimming ruffles and wide drape belts. Unexpected use of details updated classic statement pieces; the finale wedding dress in a washed out golden palette felt like it belonged to an ethereal Eastern princess, but from behind it was a masterful combination of interwoven belts. Racer backs were flipped to racer fronts that dipped low to reveal the midriff. Bias cut ruffles arced to create volume in blouses that added an element of modesty to the translucent pieces.

The palette went from clean whites through stone to washed out navy’s. A pop of bubblegum pink was a welcome highlight midway, it was also an introduction to the sport luxe element of a perfectly focused, feminine line up.

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By Madeleine Ayers @MadeleineAyers
Photography by Jean-Luc Brouard @JeanLucBrouard